Why You Should Schedule an Engagement Session | Tips from your Huntsville Wedding Photographer


OMG! Congratulations! You are freaking engaged! Seriously, your engagement is cause for celebration! This is the beginning of not only planning your wedding, but also planning your future together! I offer complimentary engagement sessions in my wedding packages because not only is it so important to document such a special time in your relationship, it is also an amazing opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer!

Of course, I never want to force my couples to do anything they don’t want to do! I strongly encourage my couples to do this because it is a fantastic way for you to become comfortable in front of the camera and for me to get to know you before your wedding day. I’m going to be with you for hours on the day of your wedding. (I did mention it’s the most important day of your life, right?) So what is a better way than to simply hang out, get to know each other, get comfortable in front of the camera, and take photos without any pressure or stress!

You don’t have to have an engagement session, but this Huntsville and Nashville photographer is going to give you a few reasons why I think you should consider it.

A Great Way to Get to Know Danielle Better.

Your wedding photographer (hey that’s me!) is seriously so important to the experience of your wedding day! I cannot stress that finding someone that you can connect with and it’s importance! During your complementary engagement session, we will have a chance to capture some lovely photos, lots of talking, focus on some great poses for your wedding day, lots of laughs and giggles, and of course getting to know each other a lot better than through phone calls and emails! Believe it or not, this will help your wedding day becomes so much smoother and more relaxed!

A Chance to Get Comfortable in Front of the Camera

I’m going to let you in on a little secret! Yes I am a photographer, but I used to have so much anxiety about getting my photo taken during photoshoots! Is that crazy or what! So trust me when I say that I completely understand how my couples can feel in front of the camera. Listen, we all have insecurities! Not all of us can feel natural in front of the camera and it doesn’t always comes easy. My goal is to create a relaxed and safe environment to fully capture your personalities! Usually after the first 10 minutes I can see my couple starting to relax and having fun! I will guide you with posing, some fun prompts, and at the same time educate you on what you expect on your big day!

So I am a sucker for romance and anything sentimental. Being engaged is a time to celebrate your love for one another. This is such a huge milestone in your life since you are only engaged for such a short amount of time. So why not celebrate it by capturing some gorgeous photos of the love you have for each other! You can even make it even more special by having me capture your photos in locations that are meaningful to you both as a couple. I don’t know one couple that has regretted having even more photos to cherish and show off to their family and friends!

A Chance to Have Some Fun

I’m going to be real with you. We are know planning a wedding can be so stressful! With all the responsibility and the planning can come with a lot of stress for any couple! Having an engagement session is a wonderful way to remind you of this amazing milestone before you are completely overtaken by all that wedding planning has to offer. This is the chance for you to have some fun and come together as a couple and just melt into your engagement story.

Trying Out Different Styles and Hair & Makeup

Want an amazing opportunity to get to know your make-up artist and hairstylist even better? You can set your a trial run for your engagement session! This way you were able to see how you look in the photos before committing to a certain style or look! Who doesn’t love getting dolled up. 

Use Them for Save the Dates &  Sharing with Family and Friends

Engagement photos can be used for your save the dates, wedding website, announcements, as well as some beautiful decor for your wedding day. Plus, who doesn’t want an excuse to share even more photos about you two being engaged! You will be able to share your gorgeous engagement photos with your friends and family and get to celebrate your engagement together! These photos can also be used around your home, meaning to heirlooms, and passed down to generations!

Final Notes

Your engagement session is such an incredible opportunity to showcase the love you have for each other and should be beautiful and fun! I can help bring out all the emotions and help you learn more about each other as a couple. As a Huntsville & Nashville photographer I will help you create gorgeous memories that you will cherish for many years to come. Danielle Jordan Photography prides in making sure couples have an amazing wedding experience! If you are wanting to experience this opportunity Contact me to schedule your engagement session! I cannot wait to hear from you! Cheers!

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